So how many of us are actually present in our bodies?

Seriously? Right now — take a moment. Take a deep deeeeeeep breath and just notice. What’s going on in there? I for one can tell you that my chest feels a bit tight, breathing is a bit strained. What else? My lower back is a little sore (likely from yesterday’s yoga class!), shoulders are a bit tense….now exhaaaaaaaale.

Just taking this little moment to investigate the “situation” as it were,  feels better. It’s amazing what a small awareness can do to ease all of the above. And not an “oh no, I’m tense, I’m stressed, this is awful, I’m a monster” kind of awareness – that’s not what this is about. Leave the judgment out of this. This is more of an “okay, I notice I am tense. I’m holding a lot of stress in various places in my body. My breathing is a bit shallow. Maybe I can bring some more air into my lungs…”. It’s an observation. Get the difference? Apply some curiosity to what you find when you go into your body and leave the judgement for the birds (though I’m sure they too would rather have something more palatable!).

Our bodies talk to us. They talk to us through the physical sensations they convey to us. Imagine the information to be gleaned if we just pay a little attention! It’s so easy (and tempting) to detach from our bodies and live in our heads, because sometimes what our body communicates to us can be physically uncomfortable. And then our mind steps in and starts attaching labels (good, bad, ugly — for the birds, remember?) to our sensations and we condemn ourselves and our bodies for having the experience. But how about not today. How about today you be the curious observer. What is your body telling you in this very moment?



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