Fight or Flow?

Sometimes you need to know when to give up the fight. Sometimes we want something so badly we try to fit it into a mold that isn’t our own. We try to “make” it fit. And we try and we try and we try. And then when we finally realize it doesn’t fit and it isn’t going to, it can be devastating. But it can also be a relief. We don’t have to fight any more. We don’t have to struggle. At the end of our struggle, amid the disappointment – maybe we realize it wasn’t meant to be.
In time, maybe we also realize that our perceived sense of failure is actually the doorway to another opportunity – possibly something we’ve always wanted but shied away from, didn’t think we could do or didn’t think we were ready to do. But isn’t trying better than going against the grain and hitting wall after wall (ouch!)?
As a dear friend would say, it’s about being in your FLOW. It’s also about knowing what is worth fighting for, and what just isn’t working out for you. So maybe you’re struggling with your food. Maybe you wish your body was this way or that way and you just aren’t built that way. What would it look like to give in to your flow? That means accepting what is, right here and now and accepting what that might mean about what is right for you. With that acceptance, you might just find an opportunity hidden below the surface issue. You might also find the courage to pursue it. And at the very least, you will find the peace that comes with knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Accepting when something isn’t working isn’t giving up. It’s giving “IN”.


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