A brief hiatus…

Confession: I took a brief hiatus from my body this last weekend. I realized just how much when I finally came back to a bloated belly, a tight-ish chest, tension in my shoulders and tired eyes. A hiatus of sorts can seem like an appealing option, especially when our feels are just downright uncomfortable. But they present to us important information and when we cut off from our bodies, we lose access to that information, not to mention other important physical cues, like feeling hunger and fullness. When we cut off from our bodies and retreat to our heads or seek to numb out in some other fashion (alcohol, food, TV, shopping) we deny ourselves the opportunity to truly connect with our deepest selves and our own inner wisdom.
The good news is that as I was cutting off, I was aware I was doing so. In fact, I even gave myself permission to do so temporarily. After all, we don’t need to allow our feelings to consume us ALL the time! And sometimes that separation can help us figure out what triggered the emotion in the first place. The important thing is that you come back.
So now, a question. How do you come back? How do you ground yourself? Is it a morning spiritual practice? A slow and peaceful walk in nature? A few deep breaths in the middle of a crazy day? How do you reconnect? Think about it, and then give that to yourself.


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