Drawing your windows

So, it’s Spring! I’m reminded of a little exercise suggested by David Richo which I think is a good reminder about beginnings and endings, and how we anchor ourselves through change.

Draw a square room with four windows. On your East window, (where the sun rises), write three things that are new and “rising” or beginning in your life. On the West side, three things that are “setting” or ending.
On the North side, write three things in your life that stabilize or guide you (think North Star). Then finally, on the South end, write three things that bring you spontaneity and creativity (how you open yourself up).

This is such a great exercise for reflecting on how you have changed over time, and where you are going. It is also a good check point to see if you are anchoring yourself and nurturing yourself so that you may thrive in your creativity and move your life in the direction you want to go.

I have been feeling a bit off-kilter these last few days – not very present for myself or my practice. I noticed in direct correlation that I was also feeling a lot of fear and experiencing the return of old familiar ways of thinking. As soon as I brought consciousness back to my practice, these things eased up. It’s about staying grounded and finding ways to anchor ourselves!

So – are there any patterns, relationships or things in your “east window” that you are ready to release? Do you need to re-connect with your North Star? Your sunny south? Time to do some Spring self-cleaning! What’s gotta go!?



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