Uninvited Guests

Hmmmm….let’s say that some old thought patterns are paying a visit for the Easter holiday weekend. Or maybe they came a bit early (as in my case) – either way, they were never invited in the first place! So rather than trying to sit down and reason with them, thereby engaging them, step outside the room!

Sometimes these thought patterns happen upon us without notice, and before we know it we are full-on into them, believing them, caught up in the circular thinking that they often lead to. I know I talk a lot about awareness, and this is where it comes in. So often when I find myself lost in this thinking, it doesn’t even occur to me to step back and see it for what it is. I sit there scratching my head, trying to analyze it, find out the source of it, RESIST it, and beat myself up for having it. It can be such a known and familiar place for us, no wonder we slip right back into it. It’s like the soles of your favourite pair of shoes – we don’t notice we have an inward step until we take them off and see that they are worn into a slant on one or both feet! Why? Because it’s COMFORTABLE!

To break the circular thinking, whether it’s about food, body image, a relationship or whatever, we need to allow it to be there and trust that the source that invited its return will make itself known eventually. What are we avoiding? What does that thought pattern do for us that makes it such an appealing retreat? Take your power back and choose not to engage with it. Just witness it. Make a mental note (“oh, that’s back again – I wonder what that’s about”) and just keep your awareness on how it plays itself out. It will pass. Just remember that the more energy you put into engaging with it, the more you feed its repetitive cycle. Do something nice and nurturing for yourself instead!


2 thoughts on “Uninvited Guests

  1. Hey Bry!

    Just been catching up on my Berealyoga dose, via Mendoza in Argentina. This one is particularly hitting the spot for me today as constant travel is quite the whirlwind of emotions, highs and lows. I seem to have been locked in mental stalemate today, which ultimately meant a very bad mood.

    I´m now ready to take a long hot shower and wash all my uninvited guests away!

    Thanks lovely!

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