Looking to Fill ( and Chickpea Avocado Apple Salad)

Do you notice yourself trying to “fill” all the time? Maybe you’re thinking of your next purchase, the next thing you “need” to have. Or what about time? How to fill those hours, minutes, or even those little one-off moments. Do you pull out your cell phone as soon as you find a space of “empty” so you can fill it with some superficial correspondence? Anything but to keep from sitting in stillness! I am that person! But I have also sat in my own stillness many times. And I can tell you from experience that once you get there, it’s really not that scary of a place. So what’s with the avoidance!?

Okay, maybe, maybe, there might be some feelings hanging out there – and that can be unknown and a little scary. But they don’t bite. They can be uncomfortable, sure. But they won’t hurt you.

If you find yourself searching, searching, searching, grasping outside of yourself to fill, perhaps you need to fill that compulsion with your presence. Within. What we are truly seeking can seldom be found outside of ourselves, at least not within any capacity that will honestly satisfy that inner hunger.

Invite a little stillness into your day and you might just find what it is you are looking for. And then, if you’re STILL hungry, well, how about dinner?

Chickpea meets Apple meets Avocado Salad

As I was looking to fill, my mind kept turning towards ideas for dinner. Here is the end result:

2 cups cooked chickpeas (or 1 large can drained and rinsed)*

½ an apple shredded or finely juiliened

¼ medium sized red onion finely diced

½ avocado, chopped

¼ c raisins

½ c cilantro, chopped

1 tsp cumin

2 tbsp olive oil

Juice of 1 lemon

Salt and pepper to taste (if using canned chickpeas, less salt is needed)

Mix everything together in a large bowl. Let sit for an hour if possible, but I ate it immediately and it was divine.

*People are often intimidated by cooking their own beans, perpetuated by stories of a friend of a friend who lost an eye or a limb (okay, maybe not a limb) using a pressure cooker. This needn’t be the case! There IS another way! All it requires is a little forethought. Let beans soak overnight, drain, then place in a slow cooker and cover with water to just above the beans. Cook on high for two hours, drain and voila!


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