Uninvited Guests: The Return (and Coconut Ice Cream!)

What is it about long weekends and uninvited guests? I couldn’t figure out why suddenly I couldn’t do anything right, why so and so was so much better at X, or why my thighs weren’t that much smaller. In other words, why wasn’t I PERFECT!?

That’s what tipped me off that they had arrived. The “P” word. But by the time I was aware of their presence, my visitors had already started unpacking their bags and making themselves quite at home. They have, after all, spent quite a bit of time with me in the past. I was a familiar old haunt. Fortunately, because of our long history, I knew these visitors well. They tag along to yoga class (yoga teachers must be “perfect” of course), they show up at meal times (are you going to eat THAT?). They even show up to “help” me look after my dog (you should be walking him for 5 hours every day!).

Humour helps. So does taking a step back and assessing these thoughts. Are they really true? Is it really a big deal? Am I doing the best I can? And if I am, can that be “enough”? The good news is that once I realized my visitors had arrived, I was able to invite them in and see what it was that they really wanted. Most times they just want to know that they are okay. And they do that by helping me realize that I am okay.

The next time your visitors show up unannounced (they are rather spontaneous), instead of worrying about not being the “perfect” host, sit them down to a bowl of this love-filled coconut ice cream, which is guaranteed to silence even the harshest critic. Know that you are the authority on you, and that you really are okay.

Almost Perfect Homemade Coconut Ice Cream

This is one of those recipes that a lot of trial and error has led to near perfection (eek, did I just use the “P” word?). Don’t be afraid of young coconuts, which can be found at most Asian grocery stores. You can watch a great online tutorial for how to open them here. Enjoy!

1 170 g package coconut cream (or a can of coconut milk with the cream scooped out)

1 vanilla pod, with the insides scraped out

1 cup almond milk

The coconut meat of two young coconuts

1/3 cup agave nectar

Crack open your young coconuts, drink their nutritious sweet elixir, and then scoop out the pulp into your food processor.

Melt the coconut cream and vanilla over medium heat in a sauce pan, stirring regularly. Once melted and fragrant, add the almond milk and continue stirring for another few minutes, until warm.

Add this mixture to the young coconut meat in the food processor and add agave nectar. Whiz for 3 minutes then poor into a glass container and freeze until solid. Allow to thaw for about 10 minutes before attempting to scoop out. YUM!



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