The Lonelies

Ever feel alone, or I dare say, “lonely”? That alone feeling is a byproduct of the human condition. It is this feeling  that drives us to connect, love, and laugh with each other. As a species, we seek connection, love and acceptance – and those are all beautiful things. But they don’t always need to come from outside of us.

We are raised in a culture that tells us there is something “wrong” with us if we aren’t in a relationship, that somehow we aren’t whole as we are. But most of us know that you don’t need to be single to feel alone. You can be in a relationship and feel the loneliest you’ve ever felt, particularly if the relationship isn’t a nourishing and healthy place. Nay, the loneliness I speak of is, more times than not, about seeking a deeper connection with yourself.

The truth is, many of us are terrified of being alone. Our media culture is constantly sending us messages that being alone is not okay. There are entire industries that thrive off of this lie, selling and marketing alternatives (distractions) to being or feeling alone, or feeling anything for that matter. Why? Perhaps because being okay alone EMPOWERS us, thereby diminishing the need for all of these commodities!

When we are hungry we eat. When we feel alone, we need to nurture that too! If you are having one of those moments or days, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone, so-to-speak! Being and feeling alone makes us human, and it is this very primordial feeling that can help us to go within and re-connect with ourselves. If you are presented with an opportunity to experience your aloneness (your sweetie is out of town, your plans got cancelled), or you are simply feeling lonely, embrace it! Have a date night with yourself! You may just discover what great company you truly are.


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