A Heart Mission

So this is supposed to be a blog about eating issues, right? You may be wondering, “where’s all the talk about bingeing and restricting?” Or if you’re like I was, “when is she going to tell me how to lose weight!?” Do you notice how little I actually talk about weight and food issues (yummy recipes aside)? That’s because it really isn’t about the food, and let me explain what I mean. If you are caught in the same mental dialogue (“how many calories have I consumed? I shouldn’t eat that, I’m fat, I ate too much, I feel disgusting, I need to run twice as long today because I ate X”) – if any of those examples sound familiar, you are likely caught up in circular thinking. You binge/purge/restrict, feel shame, beat yourself up, and then binge/purge/restrict to numb the shame and the guilt and try to get back control and repeat.

This self-contained cycle can consume us. And I’m here to tell you that it is all a big distraction. The bottom-line is this: If you are engaged in this thinking/behaviour pattern, you are NOT living in your heart!

Our hearts are pure joy and compassion. They bring us home and give us permission to be who we are, live our dreams, and most importantly, to feel. Our heart is the home of our inner truth, and that truth can sometimes be painful to hear if we are not living authentically. Enter (or re-enter) the food.

Come back to your heart! This doesn’t mean you have to take drastic action in your life or turn your life upside down. It means you begin a dialogue with your inner self, one that will help you to cultivate wisdom, self acceptance and loving kindness.

Re-direct! Abort the food-body mission – it won’t take you where your soul is longing to go, though it can serve as a reminder of where you need to go. I know that whenever I get caught in a food-body thought cycle, I need to come back to my heart. So sit inside your heart, if only for a moment. Among the many things that await you there will be the truth that it’s so not about the food!



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