Let Go

There really isn’t very much we can control. Each time I tried to control something this past week, I was shown very overtly just how little is actually up to me!

We spend a lot of time in our heads, be it contemplating, ruminating, calculating, and/or planning. And while these activities have their place, how much energy are we actually investing in trying to manifest an outcome that is desirable to us? What if in doing so, we actually close ourselves off from an outcome that is way better than what we thought we wanted because we couldn’t conceive of it at the time? Have you ever let go and not been okay? I’m guessing because you are here reading this, the answer is “no.”

Whenever we feel fear, we tend to step up the control. But what about acknowledging the fear and having that be okay? Similarly, if you are trying to control the future by planning it away, what about setting some intentions, and letting the rest go? I know – we want to cling. Trying to control situations, events, people and things in our lives makes us feel like we are being proactive and it’s hard to surrender that!  Practice hanging out in the uncertainty and in the trust that comes with knowing you are looked after and you are okay, and so is everything and everyone else. You are looked after and you are okay! So really, why are you holding on so tight? Just let go!


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