The Company We Keep

Recipe: Fall Solstice Soup

Ever notice how spending time with certain people can set us off – either on a binge, or some other form of behavioural numbing? Or maybe we feel tired every time we part company with this person. Every interaction is an exchange of energy, and though we don’t necessarily have control over those people who we come into contact with throughout our day, how and with whom we choose to spend our time and have close relationships with is completely within our control.

I remember placing myself in the same situations, time and time again, and wondering why whenever I went to so-and-so’s house, I felt like I was back at square one. I would begin obsessing about body image and food – I thought there was something wrong with ME, not really putting it together that this relapse occurred every time I put myself back in this situation!

It is SO important for us to be around people that support, love and accept us for who we are. There is a lot of misdirected negativity out there (we all have our wounds!) and we need to be conscious of this. We can start by noticing how we feel around certain people and asking ourselves: does this person lift us up, or bring us down? Empower us, or leave us feeling weak and dependent? Many of us with eating issues are extra sensitive to the energy around us and we need to be able to recognize what is actually “our stuff,” and what we might be picking up from other sources.

It’s all information! By checking in with ourselves and cultivating an awareness of how we feel in the presence of various people and situations, we can make choices for ourselves that feel healthy and act in our own best interest. This doesn’t mean we cut out everyone in our lives that bring us down – it just means we see them on our terms, limit the time we spend with them, and do what we need to do to feel empowered and safe. Remember, feeling is knowing – so trust the information you receive.

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was squash season! I made another batch of squash soup, but this version was inspired by a soup served at the Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstice Event, better known as “solstice soup.” We would eat it every day for breakfast, often with a sliced banana mixed in. This version uses squash in lieu of potatoes and is pureed into a thick, hearty consistency. Try it – it’s de-LISH! 

Fall Solstice Soup

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

2 tsp grated or minced ginger

1 large sweet onion, chopped

3 ribs celery , chopped

4 cloves garlic , minced

1 tablespoon Madras-style curry powder

1 1/2 pounds butternut squash , baked (click here for instructions)

1 green banana

6 cups veggie stock

1/2 teaspoon hot red pepper sauce, such as sambel oelek

freshly ground black pepper

1 ripe banana

In a large soup pot, sauté the onion and celery, until onion is translucent (6 or so minutes). Add garlic, ginger and curry powder, cook for another minute. Add squash, green banana and stock, bring to a boil. Turn down heat, and simmer 5-10 minutes. Add hot sauce and pepper to taste. Puree in batches using a blender (wait until cool) or use a hand blender directly in the pot. Serve with a few sliced of ripe banana on top.


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