The Break-Away

Recipe: Sun n’ Salsa Toast

So you know me – I’m ALL about FEELING FEELINGS. But how do we know when enough is enough? What’s the difference between feeling our feelings and letting them takeover? How do we know when to draw the line? I ask these questions not in an effort to “control” what we feel, but in the context of a kind caring adult who says to a child after a second bowl of ice cream, “okay honey, you’ve had enough now. It’s time to go and play….”

It can be incredibly easy to let our feelings consume us and lose sight of the big picture. I know when this is happening to me because I become reclusive. I don’t want to talk to people, I don’t feel like going out much – I convince myself that I need to stay home and “sit with the feelings.” And yes, we need to do this, to a point! That’s why the best advice I ever received was to set a timer for ten minutes or so of “feeling time.” When that timer goes off, we can break-away from the feelings and get our perspective back. But let’s say you forgot to set the timer, and it’s been a couple of days of hard core feeling-indulgence. We need to also know when to reach out. And by reaching out, I don’t mean sending frantic emails to your friends from the safety of your home declaring your current state of crisis! No, I mean leaving your environment and spending some fun time with the people that you love.

It’s knowing the difference between giving yourself healthy, nurturing alone time, and throwing a little pity party for one. Chances are if you are resisting going out and being social, you are in the middle of a pity party. As much as we may just want to hole away, we sometimes need a healthy distraction so that the feelings get a chance to shift and we can get our perspective back. You know that saying, “a watched pot never boils”? Well, same with feelings. How can feelings integrate and release if we don’t give them a chance to do their thing?! We need to stay grounded in our lives and who we are, and that means knowing when to sit and feel, and knowing when to break-away.

Whenever I see recipes with less than three ingredients in a cookbook, I always feel a bit ripped off – as though having three or less ingredients doesn’t qualify as a recipe! But the truth is, sometimes the best meals and best dishes are the simplest ones! I was feeling a little uninspired in my reclusiveness, and so I mooshed (not to be confused with smooshed) together three simple ingredients and spread the mixture over top of some sprouted grain toast. Instant meal! 

Sun N’ Salsa Toast

1 cup cooked black beans

½ ripe avocado

½ cup of your favourite salsa

2 slices of your favourite bread, toasted (I use sprouted grain)

Moosh to combine and spread over toast! Now I had mine with a little vegemite, which I know is an acquired taste. So if you aren’t going the Aussie way, then I suggest adding a little salt to your spread.

2 thoughts on “The Break-Away

  1. Great post – it’s all about balance, finding a middle ground. I watched Karate Kid on Sunday morning, and Mr. Miyagi’s theme of “balance” resonated with me. Such a powerful movie – thanks for a great post and recipe!

    • Thank you! You are full of insight yourself Miss — I loved your blog post this past week about meditation via grounding in our bodies…..really resonated. xxo will write you soon!

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