The “I will, when” Syndrome

Recipe: Tapped in Tapenade

All of us have been or are guilty of the “I will, when” syndrome – the mindset where, based upon a list of excuses we have drawn up for ourselves, we become convinced that we couldn’t possibly live the life of heart and passion that lies dormant and waiting to spring awake inside us.

We have an inkling it is there. We know it when our heart leaps in our chest at the thought of pursuing a passion, or we get butterflies in our stomach when we daydream about a certain situation. But again and again, our fear of failure or sense of inadequacy causes us to shut down instead of step up to the challenges or callings that beckon us forth. We  default to “play it safe” mode because deep down we feel damaged, flawed, and undeserving. That we couldn’t possibly do a,b,c until we are x,y,z.

This is the part where I bust out my inner Tony Robbins. You DON’T have to have it all figured out before you start living your ideal life! The time is now! Nobody is perfect, and nobody (not even YOU) ever will be. So start where you are, exactly at this moment, and the rest will follow. And while you’re at it, go easy on yourself.

Yogi Bhajan always said to his students “Fake it ’til you make it.” And I can honestly say I would never have started teaching yoga if I did not take that advice to heart. And really, if not now, then when? When will you be “good enough” to live the life your heart yearns for? When will you be deserving of that relationship? That raise? The work-life schedule that works for you?

Drop the baggage, the self talk, the fear. My mentor always says “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Your life is waiting. And really, if not now, then when? Fake it ’til you make it baby. Be real, be authentic, and I promise you will make it. What ever “it” is for you, the time has come to go for it!

Looking to serve up something simple as a pre-dinner snackie? Why not try a tapenade? I had this at a restaurant last night and was impressed by how basic, yet satisfying it was.  Spread on spelt crackers or a toasted baguette, this is easy to make and a nice warm-up for the tastebuds. “Real” tapenade has anchovies, but this one is a vegan spin-off  and super tasty. 

Tapped in Tapenade

1 can black, pitted kalamata, or mixed olives

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 tbsp capers

2 cloves garlic

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

sprinkle of tarragon and freshly ground pepper.

Combine in a food processor and serve as a spread or even use as a base for a vegan pizza!


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