A Fragment Within

Recipe: The Socca Revolution

Do you fragment? Naturally, we seek to be whole; fragmenting is a coping mechanism we subconsciously turn to to preserve the illusion of that wholeness. If there’s a part of your life or a choice you’ve made that doesn’t align with your inner truth,  then likely you’ve decided to fragment in some way to reconcile this discrepancy.

To some extent, fragmenting is necessary. Fragmenting can be a great way tool to help us gain perspective. It helps us detach from the emotions of a situation so that we can take inventory of what’s actually going on. As well, it can be a buffer to some really painful emotions. But the disassociation it creates can also enable us to keep living in that same situation as a means of coping.

Change is hard; it can be painful. And in many ways, we need to fragment to survive it. If you are fragmenting right now in some way in your life, gently give yourself the permission to do so with awareness and compassion. Check in with that fragmented part of you often. Is it ready to shift? Are you coming to some decisions around it? Creating this compassionate relationship with your fragment will serve to bring you back into alignment with your truth, versus further shutting down and detaching by judging yourself for coping in this way and avoiding the uncomfortable feelings you find here. After all, it is love that brings as back to wholeness, not harsh judgement! Visit this place with the knowing and intention that eventually, it will be right to call this part of yourself back into alignment. Trust the process! Every cell in your body already knows the way there.

I’ve been keeping the wonder that is Socca a secret to myself for far too long. It’s not like I invented this. Oh no, it’s more like a scene from Indiana Jones, where Indie adventures his way to a trove of treasure, just sitting there waiting to be discovered (sans annoying kid from the Temple of Doom). I was at once awestruck by its ease and delectableness. I will forever be indebted to these two ladies, who brought Socca into the light, blazing the way for vegan pilgrims like me; the below recipe is the first of their basic Socca recipe exploits. Socca has four ingredients, one of which is water. It is vegan, gluten free, and versatile. It’s like a crepe, flatbread, and a pizza crust all decided to get together for a reunion night. Anyway, try it for yourself. 

The Socca Revolution

  • 1 cup garbanzo bean flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2-4 tbsp olive oil

Whisk together flour and water and salt. Let sit while you heat your oven to 400 degrees (I went for 375, but you know your oven best!). Once heated, add olive oil to an oven-safe skillet and place in oven to heat. Once you can smell the oil, remove from oven (watch that handle, it’s a hot one!!) and pour in your batter. Return to oven to bake until crispy, about 30 minutes. As you will see by checking out www.pure2raw.com, this is really just the beginning of your love affair with socca. Eat fresh out of the oven — this is a must!


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