The Heart Truth

Recipe: Heavenly Cashew Cream

Don’t be afraid to stand in what you know is true for you.

There’s a lot of third chakra ego energy out there, particularly as people grapple with the idea of making a home in their hearts. They can feel the call home, where unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion await but, for whatever reason, perhaps they aren’t quite ready to make the journey back there. Without access to that unconditional love and acceptance within, the ego goes into fear-mode and tries desperately to seek this security and self worth/validation externally.

When we are in this place we can spend a lot of energy trying to convince others that we are “right.” When we are connected with the truth in our hearts, however, the only conversation that matters is the one our heart has with us. What is true for me may not be true for you. The third chakra projection of the need to be right dissipates in the face of heart truth.

If you are fighting to be “right’ or validated about something, take a step back. What is it that you are feeling so strongly about? What is true for you in that situation? Then take it to someone you trust who will provide you with the validation you need to help you process and move through the experience. Your truth is about you. It’s YOUR truth and you get to have it, nevermind anyone else. Remember, “feeling is knowing.” So put down the gloves and go within. You can trust in what your heart is telling you, and that is all the confirmation you need.

So there’s this dessert I had a few weeks ago. And I’m still thinking about it. It’s amazingly simple  (suspiciously so), but so absolutely decadent and delicious. I’ve experimented with cashews in this kind of way before, but nothing quite hit it until my friend decided to make this lil’ number for a dinner we were having. This was a recipe from an Ayurvedic practitioner in Brazil, and the only thing we changed was adding real vanilla bean. This cream is lush as a fruit dip, or just eaten by the spoonful, as we were soon doing by the end of the night! 

Heavenly Cashew Cream

2 cups cashews soaked in water to cover

Innards of one whole vanilla pod*

Agave to sweeten (to desired sweetness)

Blend all of the above in a good blender until smooth. Add more water if you’d like a thinner consistency, say, for more of a drizzle-effect. Otherwise serve as a dip, a sauce, or a pudding out of a nice custard cup. Heaven awaits you.

*It’s amazing how “real” vanilla bean is treated like some mythical creature. People hear it exists, but they have no idea what it looks like or how to work with it. It’s treated as some high-end expensive ingredient. And in some stores it is! But check out Costco – they sell them bulk and for a decent price so you can feel a bit more liberal in using them and free to experiment.  If Costco isn’t an option for you, these bad boys are worth the splurge.


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