Joy Ride

Recipe: Beets and Asparagus Balsamica

With the change in the weather, it feels like all that has been dormant all Winter is ready to MOVE. If we don’t make a conscious effort to keep our energy flowing, the resulting stagnation manifests in the form of familiar “friends.” Mr. Binge decides it’s time for a visit. Ms. Blackberry just won’t shut up. And the line-up of dysfunctional behaviours and destructive thoughts all take a number.

As any daffodil will tell you, one of the most vital ways to keep our emotional energy vibrant, healthy, and flowing is creativity. We all have that creative seed or force within us, so it’s really a question of how (or IF, in some cases) we choose to channel it. When I did a creative energy inventory recently after realizing I’d been investing energy in an area of my life that was not serving me, I discovered that all of my creative outlets were attached to some form of result. Everything that I used as a creative outlet also was a form of productivity or measurement of output and accomplishment. And while some might consider that an extremely “efficient” expenditure of creative energy, I was missing something: Creativity for creativity’s sake, aka JOY.

Don’t get me wrong. I get joy out of cooking and writing and acts of service. But when we remove the outcome from a creative act, then something amazing happens. We come into direct synchronization with the moment. We ARE the flow. We become the channel of divine creative energy, completely free from attachments or expectations. Some people have this experience through playing music. Or painting. Or, in my case, DANCING! Do you see the difference between creativity and creative free flow? So what’s your joy ride? Whatever it is, it’s time to re-connect with it, become one with it once again.

It’s spring! And, who doesn’t like to gnaw on a nice long stalk of asparagus, fresh out of the garden? Okay, likely most of us (I do actually…), but if I asked the question “who doesn’t like to devour beets and asparagus with pine nuts in a balsamic reduction?” maybe I’d get a different answer. This recipe is simple, and can be prepared quickly if the beets have been cooked in advance. I boil my beets with the skins on. Once they can be pierced easily with a fork, let them cool and the skins will slide right off!

Whatya think? Dinner?

Beets and Asparagus Balsamica

3 medium sized beets, cooked

~10 asparagus stalks, cooked with starchy ends removed (steamed or roasted)

1 cup cheap balsamic vinegar

1/4 cup pine nuts (toasted lightly in a skillet)

drizzle of good quality olive oil

1. In small sauce pan, bring balsamic to a gentle boil. Let simmer for 20 or so minutes until it begins to boil down and thicken.

2. Cut asparagus and beets into bite-sized pieces. Assemble on plate. Sprinkle with pine nuts, and then drizzle with the reduction and olive oil. Done!


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