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Recipe: A Gorgeous Salad

Every so often, life happens. Feelings happen, full moons happen. Sleep doesn’t happen. And I fall out of my groove. At times like these, it’s easy to fall into other grooves that are comfortable, but not necessarily healthy. Take last night, for example. All of the ingredients were coming together for a binge of epic proportions. Restless, anxious, feeling defeated, and so tired I could hardly think straight.

I’m still trying to work with this space created in my life by some recent changes. My automatic urge is to go out into the world and start doing more. This space has opened up, and it’s a space that has made me realize that I really need to be spending more time with me. Why? Because this space feels realllllly uncomfortable. It’s like holding a really challenging yoga pose — we know we need to be there because we are there. We just need to breathe through it. All signs point inwards.

Similar to the joy ride from last week’s post, I am feeling as though this space is actually a gift into more being. I didn’t binge last night. I chose to embrace the space instead. How? By finding ways to sit in the space that are safe and nurturing, rather than being overwhelmed by the space and shutting myself out. What if I just used this new space to read a good book? Or cuddle with the poochie? And what if, everyday, I made an effort to incorporate this kind of space into my life? Something tells me we could all use a little more “me time” – safe, mellow, quiet time to really sit with the “me” in our lives.

“Come and knock on our door…..
We’ve been waiting for you…… ”

So…..what’s behind the door? What does this look like for you?

All those ingredients I mentioned above? They also helped me create this salad, which was actually a beautiful experience for the sheer reason that it was so vibrant and so colourful. This salad is a meditation in a bowl. I had some fun with shapes and textures as well, thanks to my spiralizer. And if you don’t have a spiralizer, don’t let that stop you! You can still play around with shapes and textures using a vegetable peeler and/or a grater. I didn’t post a dressing for this salad, as I think it is capable of inspiring a dressing in even the most uninspired cooks! That said, the textures of these veggies soak up whatever you put on them, and I like something with a bit of creaminess to it, like a mustard-tahini-tamari type creation.

A Gorgeous Salad

1/2 red cabbage, sliced in food processor (or by hand)

1 large red beet, shredded in food processor (or by hand)

1 small golden beet, shredded using grater, or spiralized using flat blade

1 cup kale, torn into bite sized pieces

1 zucchini, made into noodles (using spiralizer) or using vegetable peeler

1/2 red pepper thinly sliced

Combine. Top with dressing of your choice. Have a sensory experience and consume!


2 thoughts on “Me’s Company

  1. That salad sounds delicious. I put kale in everything. I just did a post with kale and veggie brown rice. I am just now at age 25 acquiring a taste for beets. So I may have to try this out.

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