Anger Management

Recipe: It’s a Wrap (but flat!)

Thanks to that movie starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson, the concept of anger management will forever be clouded by images of Sandler hurling various things across the room and screaming his head off. If only anger were that transparent in real life! But perhaps it is the power of anger in what is not seen on the surface that can be its true grace. It can also be that same thing that makes anger scary territory for many of us.

Anger is an excellent indicator of when we feel our boundaries have not been respected, or when we need to advocate for ourselves or others. It tells us how much we can endure, how powerless or powerful we feel, and most importantly, it propels us into ACTION.

While the spiritual bypass is a very appealing option for many on an intellectual level, acting as though we are better than anger does us more harm than good. By “opting out” of our anger, we forsake amazing opportunities for growth and change. Like with crying and tears, anger is a powerful shifter of energy, and a motivator for change.

Don’t be afraid to be angry! Your anger is looking out for you. Healthy anger gets things moving and propels change and action so that we may create healthy boundaries and experience ascension  into love and joy. Honour its flow and listen to where it tells you you need to go. Don’t be the pressure cooker! Instead, be the kettle and let off a little steam and whistle now and again! [Disclaimer: it is a good idea to wait until anger subsides and you are in a neutral head/heart space BEFORE taking action!!]

What’s on the menu these days? Well, a little thing called a raw pizza, which is essentially a wrap that you don’t wrap up. It’s super easy and allows for your own creativity and fridge provisions to come out and dance on your plate!  Dreena does a few pizzas where she uses a bean spread as the base in place of tomato sauce, and I’ve totally gotten into this. And for the finale? A drizzle of Dreena’s balsamic garlic flax oil. Simple, easy, and sooo yumm!

It’s a Wrap (but flat!)

One brown rice tortilla (or other tortilla of your choosing)

Bean spread (hummus works “real good”)

Various veg – I like red peppers, steamed golden beets, a bit of cooked swiss chard, some grated carrot — using cooked veg gives this more of a dinner vs. lunch vibe.

Take your wrap, spread on your spread, and strategically place your vegetables on top until they are pleasing to both eye and tastebud sensibilities. Drizzle with balsamic flax, and there’s dinner!


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