The Feeling’s Mutual

Recipe: Melt My Heart Mango Cheesecake

Our heart is sensitive — it is constantly surveying our environment and giving us feedback about when it’s safe to be vulnerable and when it’s better to hold off. The heart can pick up in an instant the level of openness of those around us. If any of us have ever lived through an extended period of time when it was NOT safe for our heart to sing its song, we can get stuck living behind the walls we constructed to keep our heart safe at that time. As yogi Har Prakash shared with a group of us this past weekend, this type of block in the heart chakra can cause us to shutdown from the giving and receiving of energy and love – the cornerstones for cultivating intimacy in our relationships.

I had an experience recently with someone who let her walls down and let herself be heart-centered and soft. The moment she did, I felt my heart open and out poured compassion. Sensing that this was a safe place, I was able to allow myself to be vulnerable too — and I ended up having a huge shift in my own healing! Her courage to trust not only freed her, but it enabled a shift in me to take place.

We don’t serve anyone by keeping the walls up around our hearts. I’m not endorsing that you pour your heart out “willy nilly,” but trust your heart to know when it’s okay to take the risk and trust. You never know who might be inspired to let their own walls down as a result.

Mangos are hot right now. They are fragrant, big, plump, and juicy! And, they’re cheap! So how could I not make a raw mango cheesecake? I mean, really. My last attempt at a cheesecake resembled more of a pudding (a delicious pudding, mind you), so with some trial and error experience under my belt, and drawing inspiration from a raw food goddess in my life and one of my favourite Canadian vegan bloggers, I set forth to deliver dessert to the masses (okay, ten or so people…but still…). 

Ready, Set, Devour!

Melt My Heart Mango Cheesecake

1 ½ cups raw walnuts

½ cup pitted dates (the softer the better)

1 ½ cups raw cashews

6 tbsp coconut butter/creamed coconut (place in small bowl in another bowl of boiled water to melt it)

agave nectar to taste (depending on sweetness of mangos)

Juice of one lime

Vanilla bean scraped from half a pod (or ½ tsp extract)

Pinch of sea salt

1  ½ large mangos or two medium mangos – very ripe. If mangos aren’t that juicy, you might need to add some water or almond milk to add some more liquid.

Mangos and shredded coconut for garnish.

Whir walnuts in food processor until crumbly. Add dates and whir until well combined. Press into a springform pan. Set aside. In a high powered blender or food processor, combine filling ingredients, adding the coconut oil last. Once smooth and thick, spread evenly onto crust. Stick in the freezer for 30 or so minutes (I missed this step the first time ‘round, hence the pudding consistency).

Remove from freezer 30 or so minutes before serving and top with sliced mango and shredded coconut.


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