Pass the Avoidance Please

Recipe: The “Bad” Watermelon Drink

Hey, as you pass the potato salad, can you also please pass the avoidance? That’s right – I’d like a nice big scoop on the side so I don’t have to sit with the feelings of anxiety I’m having on the inside. And while you’re at it, what else do you have going on? What’s in that bowl over there? Ah, that one is distraction? I LOVE distraction! I’ll take some of that too!

Sound familiar? I’m not saying it has to be all work and no play – and that you can’t have your potato salad and eat it too – but what I am saying is that it’s soooo easy to not go “there.” The choice is always ours to make.

As I settled back into life after two weeks of vacation, I noticed how quickly I was digging into the avoidance and distraction dishes because, frankly, I just didn’t want to sit with the stuff that was coming up for me. And to be honest, I don’t really want to – even now. Yet, in just knowing and acknowledging this, I know I am coming to a place where I will. I’ve taken steps to set up some support and I’ve arranged for some safe places to process – because I know I’m just not willing to go there on my own.

So if you are having second helpings of avoidance and distraction (along with everything else on your plate), cut yourself some slack, then take an action that will bring you closer to what’s going on inside, something that will serve as a little reassurance for you that you are taking care of yourself. It’s natural to want to avoid the uncomfortable feelings, so know this, but also know that you will feel so much better once you allow them.

 The “Bad” Watermelon Drink

I made the most lovely beverage yesterday – and I’m calling it “the” drink of the summer. Serve it up at every get together you have and it will amplify the love energy of your gathering just by the sheer enjoyment it brings! This was inspired by my lovely raw food friend and a case of “bad” watermelon. After two weeks of eating fresh, crispy, hydrating watermelon with a spoon, I foolishly bought one at the grocery store with the intention of recreating this bliss. Once I busted in, I discovered the watermelon was…well, soggy, for lack of a better word –soggy, and therefore completely unsatisfying. So I scooped out the flesh, squeezed in some lemon (I would have used lime if I had some) and a tsp of agave, and I blended. Oh did I blend. And the result was a margarita-like beverage that was so wonderfully refreshing and delicious. So try it. 


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