I’ll take some Nothing, please!

Recipe: Dilly Potato Salad

What are you asking for? Some of the best advice I received last week is “when you ask for nothing, you get nothing.” What we ask for and accept into our lives is (of course) a direct reflection about how we feel about ourselves on the inside. Do we love ourselves enough to go big? To demand healthy, respectful relationships in our lives? To carve out time for us (just us!) in our busy schedules? To speak up and use our voices to assert boundaries that protect our needs?

When you ask for nothing, you get nothing. On the surface, we may have an idea of how we would like our lives to look, a little glimpse or vision of where we’d like to be. But do we feel we are worthy of that vision? Are we willing to do what it takes to get ourselves there? And if you are asking for nothing, why is that?

Asking ourselves these questions keeps us accountable to the life we are choosing to live. If you aren’t happy with your present circumstances or find yourself wondering why the same thing keeps happening to you over and over, it’s time to dig a little deeper and find out what you are asking for both consciously, as part of your daily mantra, and sub-consciously, as a product of your underlying beliefs. The self-worth stuff can go deep, and just when think we have it figured out in one area of our lives, it rears its head in another area. Keep asking yourself questions.,And most importantly, keep cultivating a loving relationship with yourself by asking for what you really want in your life. Go big – you ARE deserving.

So while I was busy passing the potato salad last week and bypassing my emotions, I came up with a potato salad recipe sure to hit the right spots that we’ve come to expect from our potato salads: the tangy dill spot, the crunch, the creaminess. What more do you really want from a potato salad? And for the record, I cannot take all the credit. The dressing is a sauce recipe I use for a lot of other things, and it’s a particular favourite in the summer when I suddenly start to crave dill like a pickle! It’s from the Veganomican and makes a fantastic dip for veggies or drizzle on just about anything. I’ve made some modifications.

Dilly Potato Salad


½ cup tahini

½ cup water

1 cup packed fresh dill

1 tbsp balsamic

2 tbsp flax oil (original recipe calls for olive oil, but I say get your Omegas in where you can!)

¼ cup of lemon juice

1 clove of garlic, quartered

¼ tsp sea salt (or to taste)


Spanish paprika (I used just a pinch – I found the ½ tsp they call for overpowering)


5 red skinned potatoes, chopped and boiled until easily pierced with a fork and then cooled

6-8 steamed asparagus, chopped

2 green onions, chopped

½ beet grated (as garnish)

Blend dressing in blender or food processor. Add dill last or you will end up with a very green sauce (which is fine if that’s your thing – see photo). Prepare salad, mix in dressing and top with grated beet. Yumm!


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