Body Critique

Are you being nit-picky about your body again? I know how it goes, believe me – especially in the summer time when arms and legs come out to play. Every window or mirror reflection of yourself becomes an opportunity to “size” yourself up: jiggle skin here or there, turn to the side (for the profile critique) and, suck in the stomach to see “how bad” the situation really is. How many of us are really, truly happy with our bodies? Some of the most confident women I know secretly (or openly) wish that some part of their physical selves was otherwise. Does it help that we live in a culture that measures worth by what size we wear? Of course not! But we still have choices.

For one day, can you not let the number on the scale define how you are going to feel about yourself? Every time that urge to glance at your reflection arises, take a glance inside instead and check in with yourself. How are you feeling on the inside? It’s easy to stay focused on the external and nit-pick the way we look. It’s going inside with the knowledge that we might not like everything we find there that is the real challenge. And yet accepting ourselves (and our experiences) and all the makes us who we are, is the first step to becoming comfortable in our own skin.

So do yourself a favour. Pull back from the things that don’t make you feel good about yourself, be it a family member, episodes of The Bachelor (heaven forbid), or that skirt that doesn’t let your belly expand out when you breathe. Just for a day, let the only measure of your worth be the love you cultivate on the inside: the same love that enables you to show up authentically on the outside.

It’s summer, and I’ve been getting into “the raw” big time. Last night I spent the evening devouring cookie dough blizzards with my friend in the backyard…raw, vegan blizzards, that is! And I take credit for none of this – the raw, vegan blizzard has been a staple summer item for many vegan foodies out there – and so this week I direct you to one of the best sources for such goodies that I’ve discovered thus far at Oh She Glows. Enjoy!


One thought on “Body Critique

  1. You have a point that body critique does exist. It is becoming more and more prevalent in this day and age especially among little girls as young 5 years old. When my grandmother was a young woman growing up in the 1950s, nitpicking on her body was the last thing on her mind because she had other things to worry about like making sure the kids grow up healthy and safe and the next meals on the table for dinner. In our time, seeing a girl my age worrying about her non-existent wrinkles and making a fuss out of her body in front of the mirror while contemplating on getting Botox and plastic surgery is becoming common nowadays. How I wish people stop moaning and start loving their bodies regardless.

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