Your Inner GPS and Dilly Dip

Hi Everyone,

For this week’s post, you’ll need to travel over to healthdemystified, where Eric over there offered me a guest spot! He’s doing a segment on weight loss, and while I don’t normally make that the focus of this blog, the fact is that when we can sit with our feelings and come into a healthier, more present, way of being in our bodies, our relationship towards ourselves (and they way we treat our bodies re: food) shifts and weight loss results. The post is called : Becoming One with Your Inner GPS: Why Accepting Where You Are Now is Key to Getting to Where You Want to Go (Guest Post by Bryanne Miller, BeReal Yoga). I’ve included a photo of the Avocado Dilly Dip recipe as a little teaser. Thanks for the opportunity, Eric! You can look forward to his guest post on Be Real later this week. Be well!


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