REAL FOOD IS DISGUSTING (Plus, 3 Tips on Making Healthy Eating and Cooking Less Painful.)

Recipe: Eric’s Mom’s Homemade Asian Greens

As many of you know, I’ve been promising a guest post from Eric Wang over at healthdemystified for a few weeks now. Eric, who is studying to be a pharmacist, decided to take a stand against so much of the disempowerment that is perpetuated in the healthcare system. In his words, “Health Demystified started with the belief that it’s time for us to stop blaming others and to start taking responsibility for our own health. Taking responsibility for our lives is the key to success.” Needless to say, we speak the same language! He’s real, he’s got an amazing heart, and he can work that sarcasm to make a point about anything! Without further ado–here’s Eric!


Real food goes bad. It decomposes and goes rancid. And, food that’s not laced with preservatives just has a terrible smell of rot after a while. Ughhh… Nasty. My nose is in deep need of recalibration after getting a whiff of that 4-day old lasagna. Yeecch!

And, why are there so many flies flying around here?

Thank goodness for preservatives and chemical additives. And for industrial-grade food, conveniently processed for longer shelf-life and minimal spoilage.

Take a McDonald’s hamburger for instance. It simply doesn’t go bad. Apparently, a McDonald’s hamburger is just as fresh in 6 months as it is when it’s first prepared (Source: You don’t need to refrigerate it or do all sorts of random nonsense. You can literally pick up the hamburger at 6 months, and just eat it off the table. No preparation required! Although I do suggest that you microwave it – it tastes better warmed.

Real food – on the other hand. It’s so much WORK!

You have to wash it and peel it or chop it or core it or dice it. There’s always some effort required.

And, sometimes you even have to COOK it (although some raw foodists would disagree).

Let’s talk cooking. The people on the Food Network make it look entirely too easily. Seriously, cooking is way easier said than done.

First, you have to turn on the stove. Then you have to get a pot or pan. Then you have to put some ingredients in the pot or pan. And, then you have to watch the stove to make sure your food doesn’t burn.

And just when you thought you were finished, there’s yet another step required: you have to turn off the stove or else your house might go down in flames.

And the marinating process. Who the heck has TIME for that. We’re busy people. We don’t have time to cook or eat healthy or do other things that are good for us. Geez, people, I haven’t even… I haven’t even gone on Facebook for 2 days! 2 whole DAYS. Geez, my family is probably wondering if I’m still alive.

And, it’s not only the cooking process that’s strenuous. Let’s backtrack a little bit. Let me remind you that, in order to cook, you had to first individually pick out each ingredient. It’s not like Lean Cuisine, people. You had to individually pick out each and every carrot, onion, red pepper, broccoli, parsley, etc – painstakingly inspecting each one for flaws, getting a bag, bagging the produce, and putting it in your shopping cart or basket. And, by the way, when you’re shopping, you quickly realize another problem with real food. It’s full of flaws – insect bites, mushed corners, little brown smudges.

Anyway, after you’re done the arduous task of going to the grocery store, and picking up a shopping cart or basket, and inspecting the groceries, and bagging them, and putting them in the cart or basket, and purchasing them, and putting them in the trunk, and closing the trunk, and returning the shopping cart/basket, and driving back home, and putting what you don’t need away, and then washing, and peeling, and dicing, and marinating, and turning on the stove, and sautéing, and watching, and waiting, and stirring, and simmering, and turning off the stove, and plating, and serving, and eating, YOU ARE NOT DONE. Not yet.

Because another problem with real food is that you have to refrigerate it after you cook it. Otherwise, it goes bad. Life is a bitch.

And, then you have to clean up the scraps and mess that you’ve made while cooking. Seriously. I’m hungry! I just want to eat some food, people!

I dare say the reason why many of us are struggling with weight loss is because unhealthy stuff like McDonalds, Burger King and Hungry Man TV dinners are convenient, easy, and even fun. Cooking and eating healthy on the other hand is, well, inconvenient, hard, and NOT fun.

If we somehow made this whole process of eating healthier less painful and more fun, we’d be more successful at our efforts to lose weight.

So, how can we make eating healthy and cooking fun and enjoyable?


  1. Music. Grab my stereo and put on a little Hall and Oates or some John Mayer. Sometimes, when I’m feeling adventurous, I put on a little Kanye, and, dare I say, Nicki Minaj
  2. Grab a partner. My girlfriend and I love cooking together. Find someone you love cooking together with. It might be the start of a “healthy” relationship. Get it? Ok, fine – don’t laugh. Jerk.
  3. Just relax and take in the experience. I remind myself I deserve to not worry about things 24/7. Cooking is my “me time.” Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh says that when we do the dishes, we should think only of doing the dishes. Similarly, when I’m cooking, I’m not thinking of anything else but the experience of cooking. I am mindful of every sensation from chopping the carrots to smelling the fragrance of the herbs and spices. Cooking is a really sensual process. And, you don’t even have to be Giada.
  4. Invite people over and entertain. The more the merrier.
  5. INSERT YOUR TIP HERE. Got a question for you: How do YOU make cooking and eating healthy “fun”?
[BRY note] True to form, Eric has served up a recipe for BeReal. With only a handful of ingredients, this healthy recipe can be a triumph for culinary neophytes everywhere! Eric’s Mom says so!

Mom’s Homemade Asian Greens

Ingredients: Vegan Oyster sauce, Sesame oil, some type of greens (spinach,

Yu choy, etc)

-Boil water

-Add greens. Don’t overcook. In fact it’s better to undercook.


-Plate it. Drizzle about 3 tablespoons of oyster sauce and 1.5

tablespoons of sesame oil on top. Serve warm!



6 thoughts on “REAL FOOD IS DISGUSTING (Plus, 3 Tips on Making Healthy Eating and Cooking Less Painful.)

  1. Clever piece Eric! My tip involves “Seriously. I’m hungry! I just want to eat some food, people!”, which is my biggest problem! Being hungry and needing to eat right now leads me straight to the cheese and crackers or jar of peanut butter unless I have healthy food ready to go when I am STARVING. I try to set aside a 1/2 day to prep all the healthy food and snacks for the week, as much as refrigerating will allow. I make a “salad bar”, all the salad veggies ready to be put together and dressed – a batch of healthy dressing if I am feeling ambitious. Cook up a package of chicken, freezing each breast individually to top those yummy salads. Hard-boil eggs, cook a huge pan of the veggie medley of the week (whatever looks good and seems to go together, my favorite is eggplant, zucchini, crimini mushrooms, lots of garlic). When it is all right in front of me in the fridge and takes less time to reheat or throw together than “cooking” a Lean Cuisine, I can’t help but eat “real” food and sate my screaming stomach in no time. Oh wait – a half-day you say? Use Erik’s tips; music, a partner, a Zen approach, if all else fails you can keep your smart phone or laptop right there in the kitchen for inspiration.

    • GREAT tip, Cathrine! A little prep goes A LONG WAY! And, if you get creative, there are lots of things available that take no time at all. My fave? A date with some almond butter on top! Perfect little hunger-stopper. Thanks for sharing your suggestions!

    • Love that tip, Cathrine. I do that myself – I wouldn’t call what I prepare a “salad bar,” but I need to have delicious food “pre-prepared” by myself, otherwise I go for the unhealthy stuff, like fast food or what not.

      Thanks for sharing that AWESOME tip and comment,


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