Thinking BIG (and apple spice hemp pancakes)

Recipe: Apple Spice Hemp Pancakes, Dreena-style

Sometimes we need to think bigger than what we think we are, and bigger than what our world shows us we are. It’s very easy to buy into a limited idea about who we are when we create a life around us that reflects that perception back to us.

This is again that idea of story. The more our surrounding world confirms our story, the easier it is to live it without asking ourselves if we are actually holding ourselves back by creating situations that reflect our self-limiting beliefs back to us. What is the story that your family, your relationships, your job, your community and your home tells about you? For example, if your story is one of struggle, do you always meet with conflict in one or more of these areas? Do these areas cross-check in a way that confirms this belief? Or, let’s say you believe you are only deserving of so much in your life, be it in money or in relationships or whatever—again, how are these areas of your life reflecting that back to you? Have you bought into a reality that is holding you back? Are you ready to drop it? Think about it. And now, think bigger.

That’s right. BIGGER. I always come back to this quote by Marianne Williamson: “We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?” That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Who are you NOT to be amazing? To live in flow, with grace?

The only person who can set limits on our self and our potential is US. We can so strongly identify with our stories that we can’t actually imagine our life any other way. But there are ways! We may be lucky enough to meet people along the way that see something better for us and can mirror that back to us so we can see it too— these “angels” will see within you your magnificence and will show you glimpses of your worth and your empowered self. But that is only half the picture. You must also hold that vision for yourself.

Begin by writing out the details of a life you never in a million years would think is possible for you, the one that embodies your passions, your dreams, and your best self. What does it look like? What are you doing? Who are you with? What does it feel like? You might want to focus on one or two aspects, or take into account all aspects of your life. Then, break it down and start to move towards that vision in small (or big) ways in your life. And, with each step forward, take note of how you feel. Do you feel heavy and lethargic at the thought of something? Or does that thing/action lift you up and invigorate you? Or, another checkpoint, as a dear friend reminds me, is to ask yourself if a certain choice or action is motivated by fear or by power. Keep revisiting your vision and experience how it feels in your heart as you experiment with change.

 Whew! All that thinking big has conjured up a BIG appetite. Perhaps time for a pancake or two? Or should I say, time for an Apple Spice Hemp Pancake from Dreena Burton’s new cookbook Let Them Eat Vegan!? I love Dreena, and if you love vegan, gluten-free, and unrefined living, you will love her too! In fact, you can love her here. But for now, grab a pen, your journal, your highest vision for yourself, and a pancake (topped with almond butter and maple syrup, get outta town!)—and start letting the self-imposed limitations drop by the wayside.

 Apple Spice Hemp Pancakes

1 1/4 cups spelt flour

2 1/2 tsp baking powder

2/3 cup hemp seeds

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp allspice [I prefer without]

1/8 tsp sea salt

1 1/2 cups vanilla non-dairy milk [I use almond and I add extra vanilla extract]

1 tbsp neutral flavoured oil [I like coconut]

3/4 cup apple, diced.

Combine dry ingredients and stir. Combine wet, stir. Add wet to dry. [I had the best results when I allowed this lovely batter to sit for 10 or so minutes.] Ladle onto an oiled pan on medium-ish heat. Flip once bubbles start to form and outer edges stiffen. Cook for another minute or two and then get that pancake on a plate, stat!

©Dreena Burton. Da Capo Lifelong Books.


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