Keep it Moving and Crispy Cleanse Salad

Recipe: Crispy Cleanse Salad

Psyllium is “all the rage” right now – that’s right, psyllium. I know at least four people (five, if I count myself) who have begun the gentle process of cleaning their colons via this method. Psyllium is a natural, water soluble fibre, so rather than force a bowel movement like a laxative, it expands in the colon, performing a “sweep” of the colon walls and pushing matter through and out. I know we haven’t broached the subject of bowel movements yet, but the whole process has got me thinking about the importance of “keeping things moving.”

It’s important we don’t stay stuck, be it holding onto things from the past, spent emotions, or the binge we had last night. This includes our perceptions about ourselves (old t-shirts!) and others (holding someone to who they were at one time (or their actions)). Take the lead from psyllium: expand and move on! Keep it moving! In fact, don’t just keep it moving, but send it packing with all the old mental debris and baggage that’s attached to it. Think of yourself as new in every moment; each moment is an opportunity for you to show up differently. So let it go. The binge, it happened. The fight, it happened. The gossip you engaged in, it happened. Okay, what next? Who are we now?

AKA get in my body salad!

Eating clean is one of the best ways we can feel good about our bodies and it’s a great way to show up anew. And what is summer for if not for eating salads? I love fennel for its crunchy crispy freshness and unique licoricy flavour, and when paired with the cool crunch of cucumber and the refreshing zest of parsley, I feel good just thinking about it! Here y’all are:

Crispy Cleanse Salad

½ cucumber, sliced thinly

½ fennel bulb, sliced thinly (plus some sprigs to garnish)

1 cup parsley

½ a grapefruit, chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

Juice of one lemon

Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together and let marinate if desired! Serve over a bed of mixed greens, or eat as is.


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