Reminders (and the smoothie that could)

Recipe: The Smoothie that Could

I came across a great post  by Anne Sture Tucker (or, I should say, it came across me!), on self compassion. Not a new concept, this is true, but one that I’ve posted on numerous times, and one that seems so easily forgotten. As this post found its way into my inbox, I realized I was in deep need of a reminder!

We so often have it in our subconscious frameworks that we are on a journey to self perfection, that working on ourselves will eventually pay off and we will have “made it”—at which point we can be home free from all this self improvement stuff. While I can say from experience that it gets easier, every so often there happens a little (OR BIG) stumbling block that trips us up and requires us to check ourselves and our actions. Funny part about this process is that the stumbling doesn’t often change – it’s usually the place that we stumble every time, again and again. It’s the poor judgement call. The inability to say no. Or maybe it’s the binge that happens faithfully after a certain circumstance. And this is why it’s so easy to be hard on ourselves; common sense tells us we know better, that we’ve been down this road before, likely more than once, so HOW could we let this happen AGAIN!? Is it AA that coined the phrase “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results” ? No wonder we come down so hard on ourselves. But you don’t need me to tell you that berating yourself isn’t the answer! If we can shift our focus from the event/action/pattern that was executed to how we responded to it (i.e., with compassion for ourselves) I can tell you that that simple but gallant shift will start to wear away at the grooves we so easily slip into (our patterns) and start to create new grooves and new ways of doing things. We will do things differently. In being kind to ourselves through it all, we will make choices that reflect our self love and honour ourselves.

I have a confession to make. I’m always a bit disappointed when I sit down to read my favourite vegan recipe blogs and lo and behold, I find posted a smoothie recipe. I don’t know why – maybe because I find smoothies essential, and formulaic, a sort of throw-the-same-key-thing- into-the mix-and-press-the -button type of scenario, not something that gets measured out. But as I was experimenting with life without sugar (including sweet fruit like bananas), I stumbled upon a smoothie concoction that rocked my world. I’ve made this smoothie almost every night for dinner over the last week!  It’s an unexpected combination of ingredients that just really really works, AND it covers some nutrient essentials. So, if you’re like me and disappointed by a smoothie recipe, I apologize in advance. But those of you who do get excited by “the smoothie” in all its variations, blend on!

The Smoothie that Could

¾ cup non-sweetened almond milk (or sweetened, other variety will do)

½ an avocado

1 small apple (I find gala works wonderfully)

½ tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp of salted peanut butter (or add salt to taste if using unsalted—but definitely add a pinch)*

½ tsp blue-green algae or spirulina

2 tbsp of unflavoured protein powder of choice (I like pea-based protein powders)

1 packlet of Truevia sweetener (or stevia to taste), See note.

6-8 ice cubes.

Combine and blend!

*I find the trick to working with sweeteners like stevia, that often just taste slightly off the sugar mark, is in adding salt. If you aren’t avoiding sugar, than a squirt of agave would do just fine.


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