Body to the rescue! (and SOS Cookie Bars)

Bird's Eye
Question for you: How much time are you spending in your food world or, to rephrase, how much time are you spending thinking about your food?
I’ve had a few larger than I’d like meals this week, and eaten a few things that I react to. It’s easy in those moments, especially when we feel uncomfortable/bloated/full or what-have-you for a prolonged period, to tune out from the body and try to drive the show with our head. We think that if we can cognitively map out a way to course-correct, we’ll land ourselves back in the safe zone. It’s a good idea, at least in theory. But this is the kind of thing that creeps in and before you know it, you’ve become completely preoccupied with the whole food thang and have completely detached from your body in the process. Your thoughts may be a repeat of this track: what you ate, what you should have eaten, what you will eat next, how much you ate, how much you will eat, what you won’t eat–sound familiar?
What if we just LET IT GO? If we are in our head focusing on food, we are not actually in our body tuning in to what it needs. The way forward is laid out for us via the body and we can get back there via a few simple observation prompts: Am I hungry or am I not? What am I feeling and where in my body am I feeling it? What do I need?
Trust me on this: When we allow our body to guide us, we come home again. We choose foods that feel good in our body. We know that we will eat when our body cues us and we don’t have to worry about it. We don’t have to live from meal to meal, already thinking about the next one before we are done the one we are eating! We can trust that when we eat, we will eat what feels good to us and we will eat because our body is telling us it is time to do so. How do we get back there? We breathe our way back into our body. Place a hand on your heart and a hand on your belly. And make the decision to listen and to trust. Your body is wiser than you know!
Cookie Bars
What can I say? Those larger than I’d like meals have mostly been out at restaurants, though I have made some amazing things intermittently–such as these raw walnut cookie bars, which I found over on Ashley’s site Edible Perspective. I was reduced to a pool of bliss on the floor at their satisfying deliciousness. I’ve known for a while that walnuts and honey are a dynamic duo (not to mention the ultimate cure for insomnia, try it!) –but pairing them as such with just a few additional fixings (including cacao nibs, which I added to the original recipe!) made me want to have a thousand sleepless nights just to have an excuse to consume these daily! I made these as a birthday treat for someone, but I think I’ll be re-treating myself to this recipe again very soon indeed! Head on over to Ashley’s site and hit her up for the recipe.



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