Hunger tracker

Where has your hunger gone? When was the last time you allowed yourself to get really hungry? To actually experience that feeling of empty in your stomach? When food is the highlight of our day (oh ya ya,  it’s time for a snack,  oh ya ya, time for lunch!) we can bounce from meal to meal without tapping into our internal cues,  our natural checkpoints of hunger and fullness.  Our bellies become distended and we keep piling food on food. We think if we don’t feel “full”  we must be hungry. We adapt to that full feeling in our bellies as our benchmark rather than whether our body is ready and in need of nutrition and energy.
Is this your experience? If it is, is the thought of being hungry terrifying? What would happen if you were to allow yourself to feel hunger? If you can relate to the above, I invite you to experiment with your hunger; observe yourself like a scientist taking notes in a lab. Hold off on the food until you feel that empty grumble grumble. Are you freaking out? Can you sit with the hunger? What are you noticing? How long can you be with it for? And after you eat, did you survive your hunger?
Please know this experiment is not about starving yourself. It’s about getting reacquainted with your hunger and the purpose it serves for us. Go on then. Introduce yourself.

Aside from heating hot water up in the morning,  I have not turned on the stove all summer,  and most of my meals have been rather makeshift (as pictured below). Tofu,  fresh corn off the cob, beets, spring mix,  and goddess dressing. What have you been making?


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