Christmas: Jumping Ship or Casting an Anchor?

A few inspiring blog posts came my way today that inspired some reflection and that I wanted to share with you all. Not only is today the winter solstice, but this is the last weekend before Christmas and many of us our madly preparing (both mentally and otherwise) to re-connect with those we love. The first post I wanted to share is about Winter Solstice and a lovely way to stop and take stock of this special time of year. The other post is by a passionate plant-based foodie on her tips for staying lean over the holidays. Both caused me to do a bit of an inner check-in about this time of year.


This time of eating, drinking, and “making merry” is lovely. It is can also be challenging emotionally and with our food. Many of us write-off the holidays as one big “binge” — our black and white thinking might surface again and rather than the all or nothing that we might attach to a bag of cookies, we might apply our all or nothing rule to days of “bad” eating (i.e., I ate like crap yesterday, so I’m  just going to write today off too and eat myself into a catatonic stupor). We might do this with alcohol too –and often the two go hand in hand.

So does Christmas have to be this kind of a resignation? Do we survive the season in a numbed out state and feel badly about ourselves during and after the fact? We can treat the holidays like a free-for-all, a reason to abandon our bodies, or, we can allow ourselves a little indulgence but keep checking in with ourselves. While I enjoy a little indulgence this time of year, I can’t bring myself to completely “jump ship” in the name of the season! Staying grounded, centered, and continuing to connect to my body and internal state, despite whatever stressors or pressures I am faced with, gets me through. That might mean a smoothie for breakfast after a big rich meal. Or maybe it’s a morning yoga set with some deep breathing, or a walk out in the fresh air away from the crowd of people. There are certain things I do not compromise that keep me connected to me. We can be true to ourselves AND allow ourselves to partake in some of the indulgences. So what does this look like for you? How will you stay connected to you through this time?

Enjoy the holidays –and through it all, be gentle with yourself.





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