Time of the Month and CCK’s Homemade Oreos

Life is slowly returning to normal as a newly married “Mrs” — or at least a new, better normal and I’m starting to find space to get my blog on again! It started with a few more evenings and mornings in the kitchen over the last few weeks, and was finally jump-started when a co-worker’s excitement over her new blog got me all fired up about what it is that I love about blogging!


I’ve been thinking about food a lot–and I’m wondering where food is at for all of you! One thing that has become very apparent to me over the last 4-5 months is the role that, for women, our menstrual cycles play in our eating behaviours AND the way we feel about ourselves. If your tapped into your natural cycle, you probably know what that looks like for you. Perhaps about a week before your cycle you are super emotional. Maybe a few days before your cycle you want to eat everything that’s not nailed down. And then you do. And then enter emotions and the insecurities that underlie them and the tears that follow. Our bellies get bloated, our breasts get swollen. And then….it comes! We feel relief and normal for a few weeks until…ah, there it goes again. Sounds like a lot of crazy-making if you ask me. But that’s mama nature’s call, not mine!

How do you deal with that sometimes challenging pre-period time of the month? I have been determined to do my best to lessen the blow on both the food front and on the self-berating front. I’ve done a lot of research into what’s happening in our bodies at this time, and our urges to eat have a lot to do with the fact that we actually burn about up to 300 more calories a day in the week leading up to our periods. With this in mind, try and go easy on yourself if you are eating more than usual or you notice yourself craving particular things. Other self care things might be helpful too–the kinder you can be to yourself, the better! Drink women’s tea, use essential oils, use hot pads and take warm baths. If you’re feeling emotional, watch a sad movie to get some tears out. Use this is a time to pamper yourself and take extra care to tend to your needs. Who says that PMS has to be a drag? While there are things I still don’t enjoy about it (i.e., being bloated, feeling insecure) I’m trying very hard to ease myself through this time every month and separate my body’s biological rhythms from what my reality actually is. How else do you take care of yourself during this time? Please share!

We have been doing some wonderful cooking and baking–one of our favourites was Chocolate Covered Katie’s homemade Oreos! The best part about this recipe is that I didn’t make them! That’s right — one of the joys of married life. THANK YOU honey!!! I was there, however, to photograph the process and to eat them when they were ready of course. One word: YUM!

Hope over to CCK’s website to get the recipe. For now, enjoy the photos!




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