Give Up or Change Up (and chocolate pie)

On almost a daily basis I announce that I am giving up sugar for good. And then my husband lovingly reminds me of the all-or-nothing tone of that declaration and to practice what I preach. If there are certain foods that are so-called problem foods for you (i.e., binge territory alert or foods that don’t agree with you) then maybe it’s time to “change up” rather than “give up” that food. Before you can start to explore a different relationship with this food, you’ll want to ask some questions about the pattern at play.

Is it an ingredient or a particular food? Is it all types of this ingredient or just certain types? For example, if it happens to be sugar, is it all forms of sugar or mostly white refined sugar? Is it a particular type of sugary product? When does the so-called problematic eating behaviour happen? Is it a certain time of day that this food sets you off? Is it a certain emotion or circumstance? When is it you want to turn to this food?Read More »

Sneaky Scripts (and chewy gooey vegan rice krispies!)

I’ve come to the conclusion that we may never fully be in the clear from old ED scripts coming back to nag at us or feelings from moments of despair that suddenly resurrect themselves in the present. Usually these scripts resurface throughout our recovery. These old scripts are sneaky as can be, and if our defenses are down we might easily confuse them for truths about the present. So how can we know if the way we are feeling is a sneaky old script or if it’s actually grounded in reality? That one’s easy! If it makes you feel like crap by calling into question your worth, your lovability, and either of these in relation to your weight, it’s probably a sneaky old script!Read More »

H’angry Heart (and Sick n’ H’angry Soup)

Are you feeding your soul? It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy and to forget to check in with yourself to see if your heart is feeling fulfilled. We can be in our routines and doing our thing only to realize that we feel exhausted–the trouble then becomes that we feel too tired to do the things that bring us joy. Instead, we settle for brain-sedating activities like watching television or surfing the internet that are possibly accompanied by food or alcohol to further numb us. Everything else feels like too much effort!Read More »