Inviting Discomfort (& dill pickle kale chips)

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Food can be a pretty all-consuming aspect of our worlds—being preoccupied with food and eating is a safe place to hang out. It’s familiar and predictable, and it never challenges us to be uncomfortable in other ways. At least when we eat, we can control the discomfort, right? And you can’t tell me eating a whole box of cookies isn’t uncomfortable (hello buffet pants!)!  Are there ways other than food we can use to control discomfort? For example, when we put ourselves out there or take a risk, it’s new territory—new and UNCOMFORTABLE territory. It takes us out of that insular and isolating world of our eating disorder and makes us reflect on how we want to show up in the world. If there’s one skill that emotional eating (and yoga) has taught me, it’s how to recognize and tolerate discomfort.Read More »

How to be where you are (and Sweet GBs)

The full title of this post is “How to be where you are when you wish you were anywhere but.” I have said it many, many times: What you resist persists. And never is this more true than when you are at a place psychically or emotionally that is painful and uncomfortable. So what’s the trick to being where we are without simultaneously wishing things were different or denying what is?

Well first of all, I am a big fan of praying for relief or help, which is sort of like action but non-action at the same time. It’s saying “I know I am where I need to be, but I don’t have to like it and a little help might be nice!” I’m also a big fan of doing small things to look after myself that make me feel good—which is action that isn’t about suppression or denial, but more about easing into things as they are. After all, if we have to be here, we may as well be comfortable, right?Read More »

Give Up or Change Up (and chocolate pie)

On almost a daily basis I announce that I am giving up sugar for good. And then my husband lovingly reminds me of the all-or-nothing tone of that declaration and to practice what I preach. If there are certain foods that are so-called problem foods for you (i.e., binge territory alert or foods that don’t agree with you) then maybe it’s time to “change up” rather than “give up” that food. Before you can start to explore a different relationship with this food, you’ll want to ask some questions about the pattern at play.

Is it an ingredient or a particular food? Is it all types of this ingredient or just certain types? For example, if it happens to be sugar, is it all forms of sugar or mostly white refined sugar? Is it a particular type of sugary product? When does the so-called problematic eating behaviour happen? Is it a certain time of day that this food sets you off? Is it a certain emotion or circumstance? When is it you want to turn to this food?Read More »