Inviting Discomfort (& dill pickle kale chips)

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Food can be a pretty all-consuming aspect of our worlds—being preoccupied with food and eating is a safe place to hang out. It’s familiar and predictable, and it never challenges us to be uncomfortable in other ways. At least when we eat, we can control the discomfort, right? And you can’t tell me eating a whole box of cookies isn’t uncomfortable (hello buffet pants!)!  Are there ways other than food we can use to control discomfort? For example, when we put ourselves out there or take a risk, it’s new territory—new and UNCOMFORTABLE territory. It takes us out of that insular and isolating world of our eating disorder and makes us reflect on how we want to show up in the world. If there’s one skill that emotional eating (and yoga) has taught me, it’s how to recognize and tolerate discomfort.Read More »

Sneaky Scripts (and chewy gooey vegan rice krispies!)

I’ve come to the conclusion that we may never fully be in the clear from old ED scripts coming back to nag at us or feelings from moments of despair that suddenly resurrect themselves in the present. Usually these scripts resurface throughout our recovery. These old scripts are sneaky as can be, and if our defenses are down we might easily confuse them for truths about the present. So how can we know if the way we are feeling is a sneaky old script or if it’s actually grounded in reality? That one’s easy! If it makes you feel like crap by calling into question your worth, your lovability, and either of these in relation to your weight, it’s probably a sneaky old script!Read More »